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Developmental Activities

Child Development and Family Studies Departmental Trips

Every year in March at the Department of Child Development and Families Studies, we hold an orientation program for the sophomores who have selected the child development and family studies program as their major, joined by the professors, graduate students and current undergraduate students in the department. During this orientation trip, students get to know other students and professors and learn about the details of our major including our graduate programs. We also make visits to organizations and institutions that are affiliated with the field of child development and family studies to observe how the research is translated into practice. These trips provide opportunities for hands-on experiences at child welfare centers, family welfare centers, and childcare and education centers.

No. Date Location
11th 2014/10/16 1.Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
2.Miraeseum Seongnam Senior Complex
10th 2013/10/24 1.Samsung Noble County
2.Anyang City Dongan Youth Center
9th 2012/10/25 1.Seoul National University Neutinamu/Baekhak Preschool
2.Gwanak Senior Welfare Center
3.Anyang City Dongan Youth Center

Academic Symposium

Every year, the juniors (third year undergraduate students) take the lead in selecting a research topic, conducting the research and presenting the findings at the symposium. This group of students independently carries out the entire research process from selection of research topic, review of theoretical background, data collection, analyses, preparation of presentation and posters, recruitment of sponsors to promotion of symposium. Previously, our students have successfully presented high-quality research results at the annual symposium.

No. Date Location
19th 2015/11/02 Show me the smart phone: 5th and 6th grade elementary school students' status and modalities of using smart phones
18th 2014/11/03 Even if the world knows, not my mom and dad: The influence of perceived parental support on psychological well-being of the sexual minority
17th 2013/10/14 Sometimes, supermen get tired, too: Parental stress of fathers with infant children
16th 2012/10/08 His marriage, her marriage,…and their marriage: The couple power relations and its satisfaction through decision making process of the newlyweds
15th 2011/09/27 “When I am in need… who will comfort me?”: Stress and social support of students at Seoul National University
14th 2010/10/06 Adult child, indebted to love: The influence of perceived parental over-expectation and interference on undergraduate students and subsequent conflicts
13th 2009/10/12 A research on self-identity among students at Seoul National University
12th 2008/10/06 Hurray to independence of the newlyweds: The influence of emotional independence from family of origin on the life of the newlyweds
11th 2007/11/12 Choding(elementary school kids)’s words: Time usage, relationships, self-concept and life-satisfaction among the older elementary school students in Seoul
10th 2006/11/01 Lee Sangdu and Natasha: A research on support systems for families of marriage migrants
9th 2005 A song of love: A research on support systems for underfed children
8th 2004 A child conceived from heart: A research on Korean families of adoptees and the attitude towards adoption among students at Seoul National University
7th 2003 The differential ideas of couple and parent roles
6th 2002 Would you like to see someone? The ideas of marriage and perception of marriage broker agencies among Seoul National University students
5th 2001 The causes and coping strategies for stress among students at Seoul National University
4th 2000 The abnormal, the odd, and the ideal couples
3rd 1999 My mom has shrunk
2nd 1998 The unquiet family: A research on family relationships of students at Seoul National University focusing on communication
1st 1997 I love you, only until graduation: The conscience and attitude towards sexuality and love among students at Seoul National University


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