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Child Welfare Lab conducts in-depth research on social competence and language development during the infancy and early childhood, validity evaluation research of childcare(education) programs based on developmental characteristics, theories and field research regarding social cognitive development during adolescence, and diagnosis of child welfare policies regarding childcare welfare facilities.

The Department of Child Development and Family Studies at College of Human Ecology, Seoul National University conducts research and develops programs related to children. As part of this work, the Master and Doctoral students in Child Development Lab and Child Welfare Lab were funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. These students developed a project approach afterschool childcare program and a project approach child education program between 1996 and 1997. The project approach programs developed during this time are now widely being used for the afterschool childcare programs for younger elementary school students and child education for three-, four-, and five-year-olds. The project approach is an in-depth exploration of a topic by oneself, in small groups, or as an entire group under the supervision of a teacher.

The child behavior observation room at the Department of Child Development and Family Studies, College of Human Ecology was used as the “Green Children’s School” to test the project approach afterschool childcare programs from June to August of 1997. The elementary school students actually wrote down the results of their project approach activity. The project approach child education programs are suitable for the development of young children aged three, four, and five. It is also designed as a comprehensive curriculum across various developmental areas. The project approach has been widely used at the preschools run by College of Human Ecology at Seoul National University.

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