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Lee, Jaerim사진
  • Name Lee, Jaerim
  • Position Assistant Professor
  • Dept. Child Development and Family Studies
  • Major Family Studies
  • Office Bldg. 222, Rm. 411
  • Homepage
  • Email
  • Contact 02-880-6853


  • Ph. D., Family Social Science (Family Policy Minor), University of Minnesota, 2009
  • Ph. D. Candidate (Completion of Ph.D. coursework), Child Development and Family Studies, Seoul National University, 2003
  • M. A., Child Development and Family Studies, Seoul National University, 2001
  • B. A., Consumer Sciences and Child Studies, Seoul National University, 1998

Recent Journal Articles

  • Oum, S., & Lee, J. (2018). Workaholism among Korean employees: Validation of the Workaholism Analysis Questionnaire and longitudinal associations with job insecurity and satisfaction with family relationships. Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 36(1), 1-23. doi: 10.7466/JKHMA.2018.36.1.1
  • Park, J., Lee, J., & Lee, J. (2018). Couples relationship education program research in Korea: An analysis of program development in human ecology journals. Journal of Family Relations, 22(4), 81-105. doi: 10.21321/jfr.22.4.81
  • Sung, M., Lee, J., Choi, Y., & Choi, S. (2017). Co-residence of older single mothers and ever-single daughters: Borderline between overdependence and mutual dependence. Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 35(3), 81-98. doi: 10.7466/JKHMA.2017.35.3.81
  • Kang, S., & Lee, J. (2017). Validation of the Korean version of the Helicopter Parenting Scale for an expanded age range of young adults. Journal of Family Relations, 22(2), 3-25. doi: 10.21321/jfr.22.2.3
  • Lee, J. (2017). Inheritance in Korean families: Experiences of adult children heirs and changes in family relationships. Family and Culture, 29(1), 225-264.
  • Choi, H., Lee, K-Y., Lee, J., & Lee, S. (2017). Multiculutral mothers’ experiences of participation in their children’s elementary schools. The Korean Journal of the Human Development, 24(1), 159-181. doi: /10.15284/kjhd.2017.24.1.159
  • Kwon, S., Kang, S., Oum, S., Park, J., & Lee, J. (2017). Socioeconomic and intergenerational characteristics associated with marital intentions among Korean men and women in young adulthood. Journal of Family Relations, 21(4), 3-25. doi: /10.21321/jfr.21.4.3
  • Sung, M., Choi, Y., Choi, S., & Lee, J. (2017). Elderly parents-unmarried adult children relationships: Group differences by co-residency and economic dependency of adult children. Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 35(1), 139-158. doi: /10.7466/JKHMA.2017.35.1.139
  • Choi, J-A., Cho, H. S., & Lee, J. (2016). Male adolescents’ lived experiences of father-son relationships. Family and Culture, 28(2), 64-110.
  • Sung, M., Choi, Y., & Lee, J. (2015). Childless married men who delay parenthood: Background of postponed parenthood, attitudes toward children, and perspectives on fertility policies. Family and Culture, 27(4), 1-33.
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  • Kim, J., & Lee, J. (2015). Adult attachment styles across close relationships among Korean college students: A latent profile analysis. Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 33(4), 119-145.
  • Jang, E., & Lee, J. (2015). The role of differentiation of self and adult attachment across close relationships in the coping styles of Korean college students. Journal of Family Relations, 20(2), 27-53.
  • Nam, B-R., Lee, J., & Choi, S. (2015). Compensating for spouse’s and child’s contribution to assets and caregiving in inheritance cases: An analysis of precedents on “contribution-based portion.” Family and Culture, 27(2), 212-261.
  • Choi, J-A., & Lee, J. (2015). Beyond oedipal fathers: Revisiting fathers in psychoanalytic theory. Korean Journal of Psychology: General, 34(2), 429-451.
  • Sung, M., Choi, Y., & Lee, J. (2015). Context of delayed parenthood among childless married women: Implications for fertility policies. Family and Culture, 27(1), 271-303.
  • Choi, Y. J., & Lee, J. (2014). Factors associated with instrumental support to adult children: Attitudes toward support and actual provision of support. Korean Journal of Home Management, 32(5), 87-105.
  • Chun, Y. J., & Lee, J. (2014). Parental career expectations, psychological separation from parents, and career decision-making self-efficacy among college students and unemployed college graduates. Korean Journal of Family Relations, 19(3), 119-146.
  • Kwon, S. H., & Lee, J. (2014). The relationship between maternal and paternal parenting styles and young adults’ career decision-making: The mediational roles of differentiation of self. Korean Journal of Home Management, 32(5), 41-61.
  • Son, S., & Lee, J. (2014). Intentions of employed mothers with young children to leave the labor force. Korean Journal of Home Management, 32(3), 157-177.
  • Choi, Y., Sung, M., & Lee, J. (2014). Portraits of childless couples in South Korea Ⅰ: Psychological well-being, couple relationships, and attitudes toward children by types of childlessness. Family and Culture, 26(1), 40-71.
  • Sung, M., Choi, Y., & Lee, J. (2014). Portraits of childless couples in South Korea Ⅱ: Factors predicting voluntary and involuntary childless married Koreans’ psychological well-being. Family and Culture, 26(1), 72-101.
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  • Lee, J., Kim, J., Cha, D., & Lee, H. (2013). Are parent education programs in South Korea really effective?: A meta-analytic study using journal articles. Korean Journal of Home Management, 31(3), 27-47.


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