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Chin, Meejung사진
  • Name Chin, Meejung
  • Position Professor, Department of Child Development and Family Studies, College of Human Ecology, Seoul National University
  • Dept. Child Development
  • Major Family Studies
  • Office Bldg. 222, Rm. 410
  • Homepage
  • Email
  • Contact 02-880-1454


  • M.A., Child and Family Policies, Harris School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, 2001

  • Ph.D. (Dual Degree), Human Development and Family Studies & Population Studies, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 2000

  • M.A., Family Studies, Seoul National University, 1993

  • B.A., Home Management, Seoul National University, 1991

Recent Publications

  • Byun, J., & Chin, M. (2018). The Effect of Divorce Laws on regional Divorce Rates since the 2000s. Family and Culture, 30(1), 1-26.

  • Yoo, J. P., Kim, S., Lee, B. J., Lee, S. G., Chin, M., Kim, H. S., & Jang, H. J. (2018). Recurrence of child maltreatment substantiation: findings from the administrative data of South Korea’s National Child Protection Agency. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development, 28(4), 205-220.

  • Chin, M. (2018). A Conceptualization of Family Friendly Community from the Perspective of Family Policy. Korean Journal of Family Welfare, 23(2), 337-361.

  • Shin, Y., & Chin. M. (2018). The Effects of Child Neglect from Parents on the Mobile Phone Dependency of Adolescents : Focusing on peer attachment and mobile phone usage by purposes. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 36(3), 1-14.

  • Chin, M., & Kim, S. (2018). Family Migration Characteristics and Types of North Korean Defectors. Family and Environment Research, 56(3),317-330.

  • Kwon, S., Chin, M., & Kim, E. (2018). The Types of Fathers’ Participation in School and Community Programs: An Exploratory Latent Class Analysis. The Korean Journal of Human Development, 25(4), 195-212.

  • Ding, J., Chin, M., & Ok, S. (2018). Factors affecting the intention of Chinese and Vietnamese migrant women to have a second child: Comparison between the “National Survey on the Multi-Cultural Families” of 2009 and 2015, Journal of Family Relations, 23(2), 133-155.

  • Ding, J., & Chin, M. (2018). The effect of equity in decision-making and gender role attitudes on marital satisfaction of Chinese migrant women. Journal of Family Relations, 23(1), 121-137.

  • Kim, E., Kwon, S., & Chin, M. (2018). An Analysis on Factors of Parent Involvement in Middle School Using Multi-Level Model. Journal of Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction, 18(5), 521-540.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2018). School adjustment trajectory of adolescents from continued single parent family and its associated factors, Journal of Family Relations, 23(1), 75-95.

  • Kim, E., Kwon, S., & Chin, M. (2018). An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Task Satisfaction of Employees in Local Parent Support Centers, The Korean Journal of Human Development, 25(2) 163-180.

  • Kim, H., Lee, B., Kim, S., Yoo, J., Lee, S., & Chin, M. (2018). Comparisons of Child, Parental, and Familial Features among Child-Maltreatment Reported, Non-Reported At-Risk, and Non-Reported Intact Teen Groups. Korean Journal of Child Psychotherapy, 13(1), 17-38.

  • Bae, H., & Chin, M. (2017). Changes in the use of evening time and compulsory evening study time among high school students after the enactment of the students’ human rights ordinance. Studies on Korean Youth, 28(2), 101-130

  • Kang, N., & Chin, M. (2017). Comparison of Family-Related Contents of High School Home Economics Textbooks between Korea and the U.S.: Focusing on the Elements of a Healthy Family, Family and Environment Research, 55(2), 167-180.

  • Kwon, S., Kim, W., & Chin, M. (2017). A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Parental Involvement in School on Child’s Academic Achievement. Journal of Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction, 17(12), 119-138.

  • Chin, M., Noh, S., & So, H. (2017). Awareness of Healthy Family Support Center and Multicultural Family Support Center and Parenting Stress and Family Healthiness. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 35(3), 113-126.

  • Lee, S., Lee, B., Kim, S., Kim, S., Yoo, J., Jang, H., Chin, M., & Park, J. (2017). Classifying Predominant Type and Examining Risk Factors for Recurrence of Child Maltreatment, Korean Journal of Social Welfare Studies, 48(3), 171-208.

  • Kim, W., Kwon, S., & Chin, M. (2017). Analysis of the Career Coaching Parent Training Program and Its Improvement. Jounal of Educational Administration and Policy, 2, 1-13.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2016). Gender differences in factors associated with how parents communicate with school in Korea. The Journal of Educational Research, 109(5), 464-477.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2016). Change in Factors Associated with Parental Time Spent on Care of Preschoolers and its Implication for Family Policy, J. of Korean Home Management Association, 34(5), 1-19.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2016). Changes in the Time Spent on Housework of Married Couples : Analysis of Korea Time Use Survey from 2004 to 2014. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 34(3), 65-84.

  • Kwon, S., & Chin, M. (2016). Time Spent for Child Care among Employed and Non-Employed Mothers with Child under the Age of 6. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 34(3), 27-43.

  • Asano, K., Ryu, S. H., Chin, M., & Yoon, J. (2016). Factors Related to Positive Changes in Perceived Health Status of Married Han Chinese and Korean-Chinese Women After Immigration to Korea. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 28(8), 751-764.

  • Song, H., Park, J., Chin, M., & Jeong, J. (2015). Policy Suggestions for an Integration of the Family Policy Service Delivery Systems. J. of Korean Family Resource Management Association, 19(1), 49-71.

  • Cho, E., & Chin, M. (2015). Development of the Family Relations Problem Symptoms Scale -Focused on the Use of the Healthy Family Support Center-. Journal of Family Relations, 20(3), 133-156.

  • Chin, M. (2015). Work-Family Spillover of Married Working Women by Employment Status, J. of Korean Home Management Association, 33(5), 25-35.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2015). Typology of Weekend Time Use and Time Use Satisfaction of Married Working Men with a Preschool Child in Korea. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 33(2), 71-88.

  • Choi, S., & Chin, M. (2015). The Influence of Home Child Care Allowance on the Choice of Child Care Types - Focusing on the Concordance between an Ideal and Actual Child Care Type –. J. of Korean Home Management Association, 33(1), 87-97.

  • Kim, S., & Chin, M. (2015). Factors Associated with Parents' School-based Involvement: Do They Differ among Parents of Elementary, Middle and High School Students?. Family and Culture, 27(2), 27-60.

  • Seo, H., Kim, W., & Chin, M. (2015). A Research about the awareness of the ‘parent-teacher partnership’ and how to direct a training program for teachers. Journal of Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction, 15(10), 283-307.

  • Chang, K., Chin, M., Sung, M., & Lee, J. (2015). Institutionalized Familialism in South Korean Society: Focusing on Income Security, Education, and Care. Family and Culture 27(3), 1-38.


Recent Grants

  • “Educational Material Development for North Korean refugees and their Children” / Principal Investigator / 2019 / Ministry of Unification

  • “Faculty Recruiting and Management System Reform Study”/ Co-Investigator / 2019 / Seoul National University

  • "Representativeness and Status of Female Faculty at Seoul National University: 1989-2019” / Principal Investigator / 2019 / Seoul National University< >A Guideline Development for Family Life Goals and Strategies of Dual Earner Couples” / Principal Investigator / 2019 / Hanssem“2019 Seoul Family Report” / 2019 / Principal Investigator / Seoul Healthy Family Support Center

  • “Policies and Services for One-Person Households in Seoul” / Co-Investigator / 2019 / Seoul Healthy Family Support Center

  • "A Study on Single Person Households Who Participated in HFSCs Programs” / Principal Investigator / 2019 / Korean Institute for Healthy Family“Family Use of ICTs Media and Its Impacts” / Principal Investigator / 2018-Ongoing / Korean Ministry of Education

  • “2018 Seoul Family Report” / 2019 / Principal Investigator / Seoul Healthy Family Support Center

  • “The Integrated 5C Child and Family Professional Training Program: Competent, Cross-disciplinary, Creative, Collaborative, and Committed” / Co-Investigator / 2016-present / National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Education

  • "Korean Ministry of Education“A Complementary Study of Low Fertility and Aging Society Plan” / 2017 / Co-Investigator / Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs

  • “Development of a Model for Longitudinal Follow-Up of Child Abuse Victims and Evaluation Study of Service Effectiveness” / 2016-2017 / Co-Investigator / Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • “Educational Curriculum Development for the Integrated HFSCs and MCFSs / 2016 / Principal Investigator / Korean Institute for Healthy Family

  • “SBS Future Korea Project” / 2016 / Co-Investigator / SBS

  • “A Development of National Plan for Parent Education Policy” / 2015 / Principal Investigator / National Institute for Lifelong Education

  • "Korean Ministry of Education“Family Life Culture and Consumer Needs of North Korea Since 2000” / 2015-2017 / Co-Investigator / Seoul National University


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